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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 14:17

MagnetizedIronsand is a type of sand with heavy concentrations of the metal iron. It is typically dark grey or blackish in colour. It comprises mainly magnetite, Fe3O4, and as such is attracted to magnets.

Ironsand has a tendency to heat up in direct sunlight, causing temperatures high enough to cause minor burns. as well as iron sand areas south coast of Java island. Due to its Fe content is relatively high for the size of the raw material, which is around 52 percent more likely to make the land south of this area can not be a green land. Even vines such as grass often found in dry conditions, or partly green during the rainy season arrives.

In Indonesia, the iron sand is prevalent in the south coast of Java island. generally because of its location near the beach sand conditions can not be covered by lush plants make when completed mine reclamation process so much help to nourish the soil.

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Thursday, 23 September 2010 17:36

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PT. Padmanaba PUTRA MANDIRI, represented directly by the main director Ir.Bambang Pramukantoro, SP, has signed an agreement with the Air Force that is represented directly by Assistant logistics, Mr. Bambang Priyono ASLOC KASAU on September 17, 2010.

With the existence of this agreement, confirmed Padmanaba PUTRA MANDIRI as exploration and exploitation rights holders legally in the territory Wotgalih Lumajang. In the early stages of the mined land area of 462.5 hectares of this region with an estimated volume of sand mined iron amounted to 23,125,000 MT (metric tons) to a depth of 5 meters.

Furthermore, Air Force will also provide exploration and exploitation rights in other land Lumajang region which has a total area of 1010 hectares to PT. Padmanaba PUTRA MANDIRI to be handled professionally.

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Sunday, 05 September 2010 11:39

Iron sand mining in Paseban consists of two places:

  1. Paseban Beach, located in the village Paseban, Kencong district approximately 45 km from the town of Jember
  2. Puger Beach, located on the beach Puger, Puger villages and rural districts Mojosari Puger approximately 38 km from the town of Jember

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The Condition of iron sand sediment

Iron Sand Java

The iron sand sediment out along the beach. It reaches 250 m - 1000 m towards the land which is in the form of sand dune. This sediment is loose material and has grayish black color. This land size prospect is approximately 462.5 hectare and reaches approximately 23,125,000 MT(metric ton) with the assumption of mining depth is 5 meters.  Initial Fe content carelessly before being processed 50-52%, after being processed with the method of magnetic separator, could rise to 60% up. The high degree iron sand sediment is generally found in the old dams, while the new ones have low degree sediment, except in some places.

Based on the iron sand of sediment grains size, the ones whitch are near the coast are bigger while the further from the coast, the softer they are. Based on the analysis result, the size of iron sand sediment grains or fraction in south coast is between 40 and 200 mesh with degree of each fraction is between 30-60%.

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Thursday, 12 August 2010 22:23

Iron Sand JavaIron sand mining activities in the Mining Area Wotgalih, Yosowilangun, with permission Lumajang Mining (KP) 97 KW 290 PPO and now we have mining permit (IUP) No. 188.45/287/427.12/2010 has not run optimally crisis caused by the presence of marketing.
Improved domestic and international market and export demand iron sand concentrate with an average concentration of Fe> 50% represents an opportunity that should be followed up. Given these opportunities we PT.PADMANABA PUTRA MANDIRI eager to resume those activities considering the demonstrated application of new technologies, where the average Fe content of the original Fe can be increased to 45% Fe> 60%.
Such technology is believed to be highly prevalent in the State of China's iron sand so that feeds can be the object of the search Lumajang China Entrepreneur for import raw material iron sand with Fe> 50% derived from Lumajang and surrounding areas.


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